Facing Your Fears

Sometimes, we live in fear and it can be good because it makes us stop and think but too often we sit and let the fear take us over.

What if we lived in the moment?

What if we let go of fear?

What would life look like if we let go of any doubt or fear and trusted?

Yes, we would let ourselves forgive, love and cherish the moment.

Take time, right now to breathe in love.


Witnessing Your Fears.

If you aren’t aware of your fears, they will take over your life. The best way to let go is to be honest with yourself about what is upsetting you or making your scared.


Choose a new perspective.

Take action. This means get a journal and write down 5 ways you can release your fears and re write your story.

You have the power to create a new story with a new ending.

What do you choose to surrender?


Find Gratitude for Your Fears.

Within everything, there is a reason to be grateful. Everything leads to a beautiful transformation – even if it isn’t apparent yet. Make a list of your top three fears. Next to each, note how this fear has transformed you. How it has lead to growth. Why you are grateful for it. Be grateful for every opportunity. Every moment.


Forgive Yourself.

Too often we are holding onto things in our life that do not serve us. I have found it helpful to forgive myself by journaling and then shredding the paper and saying, “I love you and I accept you.”

When you can forgive yourself, you will see you have more energy, less cravings and more self love.


If you need more support, contact me for a strategy session here.

Love and yours in health and wellness,


 Karen x