Have you ever been robbed? I have. A few years ago, some bad guys broke in and stole something huge from me…
My health.

I know…not what you expected, right? But let me be honest with you—that was one of the worst times of my entire life. Those bad guys…that bad bacteria…took my health and left me with a toxic, sluggish and congested body…migraines…leaky gut…inflammation…chronic pain…exhaustion…weight gain...and depression.
Why am I telling you this?
Because 70 million people suffer from digestive issues.[1]
In addition to that outrageous number…15 million people suffer from food allergies of some form, and most aren’t even aware of them.[2]

So those bad guys…that bacteria and those toxins that robbed my body…are stealing from millions of other people around the globe too. And let’s be honest, our bodies are our most prized possessions.
If you suffer from any of the following…you might be getting robbed too…

Excess weight gain that is impossible to lose
Dreaded cellulite that loves to stick around (cellulite is actually toxins stored in fat cells)
Allergies and inflammation that throws the digestive system off-kilter
Persistent depression, exhaustion, hormonal imbalance, and adrenal fatigue
A weakened immune system that’s unable to recuperate
Bacteria and infections throughout your body
Loose stools, constipation or stomach upset
Autoimmune issues, Fibromyalgia, CFS, MS, ME, LUPUS... the list goes on

 80% of disease stems from a leaky gut! DR. JOSH AXE

But don’t fret—after I had my health taken from me (and finally managed to take back what’s rightfully mine), I made it my goal to become a health coach so that I could help others reclaim their health and their lives!
And this is exactly why I designed the program that is going to help SO many people…

Introducing the 8-Week Restore Your Gut program—an online program that will take you from gut-health poor to gut-health rich in a matter of 8 weeks.
In 8 weeks you can change the course of your entire life and wipe your health slate clean just by making this ONE simple decision to put your health first.
If you’re ready to:

Learn which foods serve your unique body
Rebuild your gut health from the inside out
Melt away toxic pounds
Detoxify your cells and reclaim the healthy body that’s rightfully yours
Access an unlimited natural supply of energy
And so much more

Then you must take the chance on this program because it is the most epic program I’ve ever created…and that is saying something because I pour my heart and soul into every program I put out there.
Here’s the link to check it out: WWW.HARDCOREHEALING.CO.UK/GUT-RESTORE

And for this week only you have the chance to be one of a select group of BETA TESTERS!


 I have now decided to run this programme for BETA TESTERS only starting Sunday 29th January 2017.
This will enable everyone to receive all the materials this week for the first week along with shopping list and recipe guide.
Thereafter you will receive weekly emails with the new shopping list for the next week and bi weekly ebooks plus handouts.

The purpose of a beta tester is to be able to go through the programme as a dummy run for myself to iron out any glitches and see what is needed in addition to what has been provided. Also enabling me to prepare more materials/videos etc.. for the LIVE programme as well as creating interest and hype on social media.

There will be masterclasses held on specific health issues and you are a member for life! (Or as long as you wish)
The more you help me spread the word etc then the more people sign up for the LIVE programme and in return I will also look at giving rewards to the top BETA TESTERS in the form of FREE products for digestive health and well being.
I can promise you this you will not be disappointed working with me over the next 8 weeks.

I will give everyone a FREE consultation and review at the end.

If you wish to become a BETA TESTER then please send me a facebook message leaving your email address or
reach out to me at

Much love and respect

Karen x